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Tuesday at 16.9.08

Welcome to Harker Central! I'm your host, Roger Gibson, and I'll be guiding you playfully through the creation of the Harker comic, and offering various little DVD type extras to those of you wanting a little more than just the basic package. If you've got this far, then you must really like the comic - in which case, come and join me on the comfy sofa, kick off your shoes, pour yourself a cuppa and relax - you're just the kind of person I love!

It's a little strange writing in here, I have to admit. It's unlikely that you're reading this any earlier than January 2009 (by which time the first issue of the comic should be in the comic shops), and it's probably more likely that you're actually reading this some time far off in the future, perhaps when Vince and I have been creating the comic for five years, and we're now tired, decrepit has-beens to be laughed at and scorned. Still, to those of you who have joined us early - welcome! Hope you'll enjoy the journey, as we take you behind the scenes on the creation of a new British monthly comic. Of course, I'm writing under the assumption that we'll actually ever end up with any readers - right now, with the comic still Top Secret and Officially Under Wraps, I'm just talking to meself. Oh well. La la la!

Anyway, this is just a quick hello - next up, I'll be telling you who we are, and how we got here... (well, we got here out of our Mummie's tummies, of course. But I mean, more specifically, how we got to be working on this comic together. Sorry, I really must write more clearly...). Not a very gripping topic of conversation, I know, so I'll do my best to make it funny, with photographs making us look like tosspots, so that you can point at us and laugh in public places - oh, hang on, they do that already... hmmm...



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