The Murder Club - completed!

Saturday at 29.11.08

Apologies for it being so quiet in here - I've been typing like crazy to get the novel finished - and today I did it - hurrah! First draft of The Murder Club completed a day ahead of schedule, currently running to 50,154 words - phew!
I'll be taking a week off from it now, and then leaping into the second draft over December, probably adding another 25,000 words.
In comic news, Vince has pretty much finished issue four, so I'll have that to script next week too - should be fun!
Don't forget to ask about Harker at your local comic shop - Issue One should be available to order in the next Previews (or if not, certainly the one after), and we'll be in monthly from then on - so place that regular order!



So, when are you going to update us on the progress of your fabulous novel? Oh, and when do we get to hear about the script to issue four? Hmmmm?

Merry Christmas Roger and Vince

seriously. . . did u fall off the face of the earth or did ur book eat u?



Yikes! The novel needs that second draft... though there's news today! :)

Victoria - I was right here all along, I was just having a nap :)

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