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Friday at 6.3.09

Issue One is out in the comic shops! Welcome new readers! :) I hope you've enjoyed the first issue, and thanks for buying it, there's lots more Harker to come...

Due to circumstances very much beyond our control (i.e. Diamond having to drop distribution of our comic for the time being - more details below), we're going to be offering issue two onwards as high resolution downloads, direct from our own website. Issue Two will be available on 1st April for just £1.00 / $1.50 direct from the download area of our new site, due to go live after the weekend. Please bookmark the Ariel Press site, as we're relaunching it next week with information, extras, free downloads and a shop.

We're also going to be giving away free downloads every week - next week we'll be giving away the seven page Harker Issue Zero, with an all-new strip, and each week there'll be other free goodies - podcasts, videos, artwork, interviews, and general Good Stuff!

You can also find us on Facebook: go visit the Fans of Harker group here: Fans of Harker - I'll be keeping it updated with the latest news, letting you know when new blog posts are in here, adding photos, sketches, interviews - and please feel free to add me as a friend too - I'm listed as admin of the group, click on me and add me, I'm happy to have you along!

And please feel free to comment or give your reviews either in here or on the Facebook group - and check out the rest of this blog, full of stuff about the creation of Harker, and our plans for the comic.

I'd love to know if you find or write a review of Harker online, and I'll link to it in here and in Facebook. We're also very happy to be interviewed, no matter how big or small your readership - drop me an email, and we'll answer any questions you might have!

It's lovely to have you on board - keep us bookmarked, keep your eye on the Facebook site, and look out for the nonthly issues - we're about to start work on Issue Five, and we're eager for you to start enjoying the stip!

Issue Two due out as a direct download on 1st April - don't miss it!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Roger Gibson


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