Harker now available in Previews!!

Monday at 19.1.09

It's been so quiet in here - sorry about that! Just a case of enjoying myself too much at Christmas, and then a ton of work here at Harker Central as we approach the end of Book One. Vinnie is halfway through issue five (Book One is six issues in total - then we'll be continuing immediately onto Book Two, of course), I'm tightening up the script for issue four - oh, and here's the cover for issue four (click to make it bigger, as the actress said to the bishop)...

We're now in Previews! Look under 'Ariel Press' and you'll find us right there - please ask for us at your local comic book shop, we need every sale we can get! Even if you bought one of those advance copies at Birmingham - order it again! We need your support, and those advance issues will hopefully make you a penny or two on eBay eventually ;) Issue one is in previews right now, and we'll be in every month now for the forseeable future, as we're monthly (and by the time issue one comes out, in March, we'll be six issues ahead, so there's no need to worry about gaps between issues, there won't be any - hurrah!! We're really excited about the launch, and we'll be at the Hi-Ex comic convention Inverness on February 14th-15th, promoting the comic, so we'd love to see you there!

Oh, and if you do show up at our table, we'll have an exclusive mini-comic available, featuring a seven page preview of issue one PLUS a brand new (unpublished elsewhere) five page Harker strip specially drawn for the convention (and awaiting my dialogue for it as we speak - Vinnie has already completed the artwork, and it looks mighty fine!).

Right, enough waffle for now! Please go order our comic at your comic shop this week - it's in Previews, under 'Ariel Press' - you'll thank me for it when those early issues are worth a fortune in a few years time! Oh yes! ;)

Oh - and given that we're building up to the launch, both myself and Vince (either together or separately, depending on your interest / whim / favourite / most hated) are very much available for interviews, big or small, whether you have thousands of readers or just half a dozen, in print or online. Just drop me an email, and we'll be happy to oblige!

Right, I need tea...


Will definately buy issue 1 again after the preview in Birmingham. No way would I sell them on eBay though, means too much to me. Good luck on the 2nd draft of the book, can't wait to read it.

Many thanks Andrew - your support means a lot to us too! I've toyed with posting some of the first draft of the novel in here, but I'm not sure I can bring myself to do it - I'll be too tempted to tinker with it first!

You should do as a work in progress, it doesn't matter if it's tinkered with or changed from what's going to be written on here it's definately worth doing.

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