Torchwood and Gravestown

Monday at 11.10.10

I'm a little late announcing this, as Vince and I have only just been able to confirm it ourselves, but we'll both be at the British International Comics Show (BICS) this coming weekend (16th-17th October) at the Think Tank in Birmingham - more details about the event here. As always we'll have a table full of Harker goodies - please come and say hello to us, we'd love to meet you.

Vince and I have just this week completed an 11 page strip for Torchwood Magazine #24 (the November / December issue) available in all fine newsagents, and the strip will also be in the December issue of the Torchwood Comic - I've included a preview page of the artwork to the left - click to embiggen!

Harker itself is still held up due to ongoing negotiations with a major publisher, which should bring the strip into bookshops worldwide next year. Book Three (as mentioned below) is hoped to be part of these negotiations, so you will be seeing lots more Harker (Book Three is planned to be 180 pages, with more to follow) but for the moment, like us, you're going to have to be patient. We do promise, however, that there will definitely be lots more to come.

The novel (The Murder Club) is also very close to completion - more news on that shortly!

In the meantime, while we wait for more news on Harker, Vince and I have now started work on a brand new monthly strip called Gravestown. We've been building up to it for a while, and work on the strip begins with a vengeance as soon as we get back from Birmingham. Expect lots more news about this over the next couple of months, as we'll be launching it in the New Year (we'd have it out sooner, but you have to work about three months ahead with Diamond, the distributors). We will, however, have promotional pieces to show at BICS, and it'll have the same mixture of thrills and humour that you've become accustomed to in Harker.

If you can't make it to BICS, keep an eye here on the blog, there's a lot on its way, and we think you'll like it :)


Hi Rog,
Really enjoyed the first Harker book, well done!

Thanks John, I'm glad you like it! Long time no see, we should get together soon!

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