11th Doctor CONFIRMED!!!

Thursday at 30.10.08

Vinnie is still working on the artwork for issue four, so in the meantime... following the news that David Tennant is quitting as the Doctor after the specials next year, I can exclusively reveal the identity of the 11th Doctor - yep, it's me!! Here I am in the first publicity shots, with my new assistant Daisy!
You heard it here first...


Hehe aren't we great :D

I think we're pretty darn fabulous, yep - those Daleks are in for some stick next series! :D

You would give Tom Baker a run for his money, great costume by the way LOL
Will be at Collectormania Midlands this weekend, then Thought Bubble in Leeds on the 15th. Lots of comic artists and writers at Thought Bubble. Will you be at either?

Costume?? That's not a costume, that's my big coat! Lovely and warm in the winter it is, too...
We did consider doing Thought Bubble, but until the comic is on release (January) we thought we'd be better waiting. We're definitely planning to be at Inverness in February, though, by which time Harker should be in the shops.

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