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Saturday at 1.8.09

Harker #6 is out today! See the previous post for the cover preview, and the ever growing list of comic shops where you can pick it up! It's probably likely to show up in the shops on Thursday next week, but if you want it sooner, head straight for the online shop to pick it up today.

You'll notice in the editorial and the inside back page that we talk about the collected edition being available in the August edition of Previews. We've found out to our dismay that it's not there, but it's not our fault! We're not sure what's happened, but we've already emailed Diamond and asked them to solicit the collection in the next possible Previews. We're very sorry to those of you looking forward to receiving it at the end of September - hopefully the delay will be minimal, and I'll keep you updated in here.

In the light of this, we have decided to abandon our idea of September being a 'gap month'. This is good news for everyone, as it means that issue seven will now be out next month (on the 1st September) with the start of our new six issue storyline, with the current working title of 'Murder By the Book', set in Whitby. It'll continue monthly, as ever!

So that's the news! Issue six out now! Issue seven out next month! Collected edition out... er... October (we hope!). Oh god!

Later this week - Roger's annotations for issue four!


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