Heading to Bristol

Sunday at 19.4.09

We have a new review of issue two right here: http://extrasequential.com/2009/04/12/harker-2-review/ Many thanks Kris! We're happy to link to any other reviews, so please let us know if you post one and I'll add it in here.

We're also trying to get Harker into as many comic shops as possible, and we'd like it to be in your local comic shop - if they don't currently stock it, please tell them about us, and that they can contact us through our website at www.arielpress.com. We'd be very happy to supply them with our comic each month, and will take orders either big or small! Our biggest current supporters are Ace Comics in Colchester and Travelling Man in York - you should always be able to find a copy of the latest issue there, and don't forget that you can also order the latest issue from us directly from our shop on the site - slipped into an envelope by Vince himself!

Issue three will be going to print this week (I just have the editorial to write - my next job after this!), so we'll have it with us when we visit Bristol this year. You'll find us at the Small Press Expo on Saturday 9th May, from 10am - 6pm at the Mercure Holland House Hotel, Redliffe Road, Bristol - come and see us, have a chat, buy the latest issue - and I'm sure we'd happily sign it too if you ask! I'm trying to persuade Vince that we should do it in costume as Harker and Critchley - he'll look very natty in his suit, I'm sure ;)

Oh! And in other news, I've been working on the plot for Book Two (issues 7-12) and it's fun! Set in Whitby during a goth weekend, and issue eight features Harker and Critchley in bumper cars...

That's all the news that's fit to print!



dammit I was within driving distance of Colchester today!

Well, at least you know now - they'll be stocking every issue, I'm sure - though you can get issues one and two directly from us anyway, fear not!

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