Critchley has a car too...

Tuesday at 11.11.08

Vinnie is still hard at work, and this issue we finally get to see Critchley's car - here's a sneak peek...

Apologies for it being so quiet in here, we're both very busy behind the scenes, Vince with the artwork to issue 4 (almost complete, I understand), and I'm still working hard on the Harker spin-off novel - I've written 19,000 words of the first draft in the past 11 days, and it's all going well so far! The old fingers are suffering a little from all the typing, but heck, it's fun!

We do have some news - we've just heard this week that Diamond Distributers have happily accepted us for inclusion in previews, which means we're now off and running! We're hoping to be in the next Previews, though if not, it'll certainly be the one after that, and then in every one each month. Look for us in the 'Ariel Press' section - I'll let you know as soon as I've found out if we're in the next issue. If you spot it, we'd love you to make a regular order with your comic shop - and tell them how good the comic is! 

Right, I've already typed 2000 words tonight - I'll be back later in the week!



Congrats on Diamond picking up Harker. Finally the world will see this great work. Then I won't be alone here on this blog for much longer. I'll tell as many people about Harker as I can. Can I use the 1st issue image to link to here from our website?

Andrew - you're very welcome to do that, yes - and thankyou! :)

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