Birmingham International Comics Show (BICS) 2009

Monday at 5.10.09

Hi to those of you whom we met in Birmingham, both old and new fans alike! We had the best weekend we'd ever had at a convention, with huge sales of the new trade paperback collection of issues 1-6. If you were there but weren't able to buy it at the time, go take a look in the Harker online store, where you can buy every issue of Harker to date, and the new collected edition too.

You can buy new issues of Harker from us on the first of every month in the store (issue 9 will be out on 1st November), and we're also available in a number of stores around the country - check here to see where you can buy Harker, and I'll be adding two more stores to that list this week (one of which is Gosh in London).

If you take a look down the menu at the side here, you'll find annotations to the first seven issues, with number eight to follow next week.

As for the convention itself, we had a lovely time! So many of you came up to us and said such lovely things about the comic, and it's always wonderful for us to get some real feedback from you - hopefully you all like issue eight, literally hot off the presses as we only got it from the printers ourselves on Friday.

I do think BICS need to sort out a much better venue for the launch party, preferably with no disco, as networking was impossible in a room with such loud music. Just a nice pub with some food would be ideal, I'm sure. It was also a shame that there was no official bar for the saturday night, as again networking was impossible (no-one knew where everyone else was) - I think if those two issues could be solved, next year would be hugely improved. We were certainly very happy with the venue and the organisation, and will definitely be attending again next year!

Thanks to the organisers for offering us a chance to talk to all of you, and I hope you all enjoy your new Harker comics! Keep coming back every month - we've been monthly for eight issues and we never miss a deadline, so stick with us, there's loads more to come!

For those of you more interested in the trade paperbacks, Book Two will be out in March 2010, and also look out for the Harker novel 'The Murder Club', which will be available on 1st November.

Right, back to the scripting for me...


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