Creating issue 4: backgrounds

Monday at 13.10.08

So I made good use of my weekend away to shoot some backgrounds reference photos for an upcoming scene in issue four for Vince. Here's one right here. 
Whilst I was away, Vince finished the storyboards for the issue, so tomorrow it's photo-reference time - expect photographs of me looking ridiculous over the next day or two... oh god! Hopefully I can get some of Vince too, though I may have to do a dawn raid to get 'em...


This is a nice photo, how did you manage to get that with no people around?
Can't wait to see the photo's of you looking ridiculous.

Just good timing really - it was reasonably early in the morning, not too many crowds around, and I was waiting for gaps in the crowds. I took about 30 photos whilst there, as the scene there takes up two or three pages, shooting from every angle, to make sure Vince had plenty of choice. It's an important location to get right, as the same spot reappears in issue six, in a rather crucial scene...

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