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Thursday at 2.10.08

Since we've finished them (well, I say 'we' - Vince has finished them, all I've done is look at them and go 'oooh!'), here's the covers to the completed first three issues of Harker.
We'll be starting work on issue four over the Birmingham Comicon weekend, plotting over beer in the convention hotel bar, and Vinnie will be forging ahead with the layouts on Monday...
I'll be looking over his shoulder as he works (and as I work too), so keep dropping by, as over the course of the next month, I'll be showing how we put issue four together, step by step, taking you through the process...
Click on the covers to make 'em bigger...


I love the cover for issue 3, still got to read 2 yet the wife's nagging me to do too many jobs around the house though.

Thanks Andrew - and maybe that's not such a bad thing, given it's going to be two or three months until issue three... might be a good thing to make it last until Diamond catch up with us!

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