A sign of success...?

Tuesday at 23.6.09

I can't help but notice (following a quick ego-google to check for reviews of Harker) that Harker issue 1 is now available on a file sharing site as a download. I'm not sure how to react to this - it's sorta nice in a way, because at least someone thought it was worth the effort, but really - if you want a hi-res pdf of the comic, you can get it directly from us for just a quid. One measly quid (or a dollar fifty). And that's a quid that goes directly into keeping our comic going, we're not spending it on fast cars or loose women or anything (not yet, anyway). We really do value every sale we make. Once it's out there for free on fileshare sites, we lose sales, and we do need every sale we can get to keep going, y'know...

So whoever put it out there - I'm guessing you really liked that comic! That's brilliant, really it is! But it'd be much cooler if you were to tell your friends about the comic, direct them to our shop, and say "yeah, it's true! You can get a 20 page comic for just one pound!" That would be nice. Rather than, y'know, ripping us off and stuff...

When Vince and I get rich and become arseholes - then you can rip us off, deal? ;)

As a suggestion, if you really like the comic, and you're interested in putting some of it out there to help with some viral marketing, we'd much prefer you to use Issue Zero. You'll find it in the downloads section of our shop here, and it's completely free to download. It has an exclusive five page strip, plus the first seven pages of issue one, and we're very happy for that to go on as many fileshare sites as you like. Do with Issue Zero as you please, spread the word with that one - that would make us much happier :)

In other news, Vince told me he'll have issue six finished by Friday! The end of our first book (of many)! I'm guessing he'll then go for a dance without his socks on!

Not that I'm gonna let him have more than a couple of days off before he starts on issue 7...


Hey Rog, I would only download hard to get stuff but yours is available now so should be bought from you. It might be a sign of popularity that it's on a file share but for a new and independant release it's a bit of a bummer. I'll keep buying them from you no problem. If it was something I couldn't get anymore or was for sale on eBay for a lot of cash downloading is the only way these days.

Congrats on a great read, just ordered no.5. Will see you at Leeds Thought Bubble hopefully. Been on to Vinnie about doing that con, it's well worth doing.

Hi Andrew

We just got issue five in from the printers on Thursday, so it should be winging your way - hope you enjoy it :)
We're almost certainly going to do Thought Bubble, and we're attending Birmingham this year again too, so we should see you in at least one if the above! We'll have eight issues with us by then, and (fingers crossed) maybe the collected edition too, so we may need a bigger table...

I'll try and pick up the compilation at Thought Bubble, hopefully i'll get the chance to nip away from my table for 5 minutes :)

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