Issue One imminent!

Thursday at 26.2.09

Hi everyone! Just a quick heads up that Harker #1 is due in the shops any time now. We've shipped the printed copies to Diamond, so we think it'll appear in the comic shops either next week or the week after. Keep your eyes open, and look out for the cover to the left. For the collectors amongst you, this is a different printing to the dummy version we sold in Birmingham - and in all honesty, we'd like you to buy it anyway!

Vince and I were very (very!) flattered to get an appearance in this week's Lying In The Gutters, the always hugely entertaining comics gossip column by Rich Johnston. I'd like to just re-emphasise that all this means is that Diamond aren't going to distribute us after the first issue - it absolutely doesn't mean the end of the comic (anything but!).

Check out the two previous posts for more information on what we're going to be doing, but the upshot is - next month, we'll be offering (the already completed) issue #2 as a direct, high-resolution download from our main website, probably for around a quid or £1.50 (certainly no more than that). The following month, we'll be releasing (the already completed) issue #3 in the same way, and the month after that, (the already completed) issue #4, and so on, right through to issue #6. We'll then be releasing a printed collection of these six issues (in September) in the usual way through Diamond, and it'll be in Previews as normal.

Whilst all of this is going on, Vince and I are gonna ride out this storm, keep our fingers crossed that by the end of the year Diamond have a rethink in time for Volume Two, and we'll also be looking for a publisher. It's not ideal, we know, but you can still get your monthly fix of Harker starting in the next week or so, and the collected version is still very much on! Bookmark my blog here, and I'll keep you updated on developments, and on the release date of issue #2 (probably the first week in April).

And just to emphasise to new readers - this has nothing to do with us as publishers - we're currently working on issue five, and we want to be in the comic shops, but we're currently victims of Diamond's new policy. We're eager for your support with the downloads, and we don't think you'll be disappointed. Get hold of Issue #1 and see what all the fuss is about - and if you can't get one from your local comic shop, get in touch with us, our online shop will be opening next week to tie in with the launch.

And on a more prosaic note - those of you who bought those advance copies of Issue #2 at Birmingham - guard them well, as with no printed version of #2 forthcoming (for the moment at least), they may well become collectors items... don't say I didn't tell you!



Good luck with it all! We're all rooting for you at AG. I think Cy has been badgering her local retailer and has managed to get them to supply her your Comic. Am going to try also! Can't wait! Am VERY excited (try not to be too scared by that!).
Love Snozz xxxxx

Best of luck with it, Roger. Will do my utmost to get my hands on a copy of issue one.

Very exciting stuff :)

Good luck to the both of you, all the hard work and effort has finally paid off. I don't know about Inverness though, we did a con in Dundee over the weekend and that was far enough to travel, we looked on the map and inverness was about the same distance again.

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