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Thursday at 18.6.09

hmmmm... what could these be for? (click to make 'em bigger) They dont appear to be interior art, there's no word balloons... and why has Vince redrawn that shot of Harker and Critchley from issue one? Are these pin-ups or something? What's going on here? What are they up to? I'll tell you in about... oh, six weeks...

And in the meantime, we've been picking up more terrific reviews - we were especially pleased with this one from the Forbidden Planet blog, which has brought us loads of new readers - hello everyone who's new around here! Please continue to spread the word about us if you can - nag your comic shop to stock us if they don't already (just ask them to give us a call), write reviews, tell your friends, we're very dependent on word of mouth, so if you like what you see, tell everyone you know!

Issue Five goes to the printers this weekend, so expect it to be available on schedule on 1st July, with issue six (the final issue of Book One) following on 1st August. Did I mention that the murderer is revealed in Issue Five? Well he is!

We're still working hard setting up Book Two, which starts with Issue 7 on 1st October (and monthly thereafter, as usual). Vince told me he'd had a fantastic idea for the cover of issue 8, and when he told me, I laughed uproariously! You're going to love it.

Anybody care to guess who the killer is...?


Makes me want to go to london and check out your locations, you should list them as an appendix in the final issue.

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