Issue Two out now!!!

Sunday at 5.4.09

Rather belatedly, I thought you'd all like to know that Issue Two is out now!! It was released on 1st April, and you can get it from our website at - you can either buy it as a downloadable pdf, or if you prefer you can order a printed copy of the comic direct from us (and popped into an envelope personally by Vince!).
In other news, there's a long interview with me and Vince now available here:
We're on pages 32-41 - it's our first official interview, and we're really pleased with it, so many thanks for that Kris! Good luck with the magazine! :)
Read the interview first, and then go grab yourself a copy of issue two! It's got artwork like this in it! (click to embiggen a bit)


Well done guys! And thanks for the ES mention. May Harker continue to rock!

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