Preparing for BICS

Wednesday at 13.10.10

As I mentioned in the previous post, Vince and I will both be in Birmingham at the BICS comics show at the Think Tank, Millenium Point this weekend, and we'd love to see you. We're pretty easy to spot - I look a lot like Harker (though with a small beard - see the cartoon to the left) and Vince looks a lot like Critchley (though without the small beard and with more hair). So if you see two blokes wandering around who look just like Harker and Critchley, that'll be me and Vince!

We have a table across the weekend, so by all means come up and say hi there (we'll sign anything, chat to you about whatever you like and maybe even try to sell you stuff), but we're there from Friday evening through to Sunday teatime, so if you see us in the bar or just walking around, please do say hi - we're there specifically to meet you, so don't be shy or imagine you'll be unwelcome, we like talking to you.

We won't have a great deal of stock - we're almost sold out of Harker books and back issues, and we're not doing a reprint until the publishing deal is finalised, so if you're missing something, this weekend is the time to buy it! We'll be there mainly to promote our new Gravestown series, with preview artwork and sketches prior to starting work on issue one on Monday - ask us all about it!

Oh, and keep an eye on the blog here - now that we're working again there'll be lots of posts coming up, so keep checking back and spread the word - Gravestown is the comic to buy!


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