Issue Zero preview

Tuesday at 3.2.09

Less than a week and a half now to our launch in Inverness - I've just been upstairs in Vince's studio posing for more Harker photographs for issue five, and we've also created an Issue Zero specifically for the Inverness convention, which includes a brand new five page Harker strip, unpublished elsewhere. Here's page one! Hope we'll see you at the convention!



Bah! Exclusive stuff for Hi-Ex? We can't make it that far North, ya maroon! I do hope you'll make it available later for the rest of us, yis? : )

Oh, and less curmudgeonly, hope things go great guns at Hi-Ex for you. Say hi to Graeme Reid for us. We'd heard a lot of great things about the previous Hi-Ex, so would really have liked to be able to go, but we're already down for most other conventions this year, and times is tight...

I'm pretty sure it'll find it's way into the first collection, if it's not printed anywhere before then - continuity-wise it takes place after issue six, so we might slip it in there, but it'd make a nice extra for the collection. We'll miss your company! :)

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