BICS 2010 aftermath

Monday at 18.10.10

Vince and I are both back from the Birmingham International Comics Show, both knackered from standing behind the stall for two days but delighted with all the attention we got. We did so well with our sales that we're (very temporarily) completely out of stock of both the Harker collections and various copies of the comic, though we're doing a small reprint of the collected editions, so if you weren't able to get one at the convention, wander along to our online shop and we'll sort them out for you pronto. If what you want is currently out of stock, either drop us a brief email or come back next week, we'll be able to sort you out.

We also sold a large bunch of the original 1997 version of Gravestown, written and drawn by me with huge amounts of help from Mark Wayne Barrett. The new version that Vince and I are working on is very different - a terrifying and gothic fairytale - but it was lovely to see so many copies of that first, now rather dated version fly from the table in response to our announcement of the new project. I hope those of you who bought it enjoyed it for what it was - my first stab at what would become an ongoing obsession over the next few years, refining it over and over again until finally arriving at the version Vince and I are starting now.

We had our first full plotting session today (which I'll talk about properly over the next day or two), but for now I'd like to mention how lovely it was to meet so many of you. I think the question I was asked more than any other was "When is the Harker novel out?" and i could finally give a definitive answer: the end of the month! I've finally almost finished editing Harker: The Murder Club, and it'll be on sale in November. So don't go too far away ;)


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