Bristol Comics Expo 2009

Monday at 11.5.09

And so we're back from the Bristol Comics Expo, and what a marvelous time we had! Vince and I had our best sales ever from a convention at the Small Press Expo on Saturday, which seems to confirm that Harker is a success - issues were flying off the table most of the day, and we were delighted with the reaction. If you bought Harker for the first time over the weekend, I hope you enjoyed it - keep coming back for more, as we're on a monthly schedule, with issue 4 due out in less than three weeks (on 1st June), and each subsequent issue coming out on the first of every month. If you can't find us at your local comics store, let us know and we'll get in touch with them - and you can buy issues directly from us in our online store at . Postage is free, you only pay the cover price of the comic.

People I met over the weekend: lovely conversations with Joel Meadows, editor of Tripwire magazine; Jay & Selina from Factor Fiction; our old chum John Short; the affable, hugely talented Lew Stringer; the always smiling Mark Buckingham (he'll always be Bucky to me); Martin 'Biff' Averre from Planet Ace in Colchester (which we need to visit - wonder if he'd let us do a signing there some time?); Paul Grist (whom I wanted to buy stuff from but sadly I had everything on his table, darn it!); the cheerful lads from the Geek Syndicate (who gave us a brief interview which I mumbled through like an amateur - oh god!), the rather wonderful artist David Hitchcock, and many more besides.

If you're new around here, check around the blog, go visit our website, and if you're on Facebook add me as a friend or join the Harker Facebook group 'Fans of Harker'.

Coming up in the next couple of days - annotations on issue two...



Hey Roger,
it was good to see you and Vince at Bristol. We'll do our best to support Harker how we can in TRIPWIRE…

Hi Joel, it was good to see you too - and let us know if there's anything we can do to help plug Tripwire. There's so little comics journalism out there in print, and gawd knows we deserve something better than bloody Wizard! Keep going!

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