Creating issue 4: penciling

Tuesday at 4.11.08

Vince is still working diligently on the artwork for issue four - I'm expecting to start seeing the finished artwork imminently (at which stage I'll talk through the way I approach scripting over it), though in the meantime, here's a photo of Vince sketching away like a trooper. I took this one last week, so I believe he's currently at the inking stage - I'm very excited to see how it'll look!

In the meantime, I'm making really good headway on the Harker spin-off novel, with a working title of 'The Murder Club', and set firmly between issues six and seven of the comic. I'm 7,000 words into the first draft of the novel after four days (and consequently ahead of target), and I'm pleased with the progress so far, getting to the end of the second chapter as we speak. Though I think I may need to start drinking more caffeine...


What size paper does Vince do his final work on before it gets printed?
They're looking for a new Dr Who, you up for the part Roger?

Vince works on A3, Andrew (well, slightly modified A3 to fit standard comic sizes) - big enough for the artwork to tighten up nicely when at comic size, though not so big that it takes an eternity to draw.
And I'm definitely up for the part - just waiting for the call! :)

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