Harker Issue 5 - annotations

Monday at 28.9.09

And here we go with annotations to issue five...

They used to say that corpses on the covers of comics sell more issues. This being just a dead hand, we can't really consider it a serious attempt to test the hypothesis.
You'll notice that Harker is looking at the books on the floor - this is a lovely bit of subtlety from Vince, who knows only too well that Harker really dislikes the sight of blood and dead bodies.

Page One
Hopefully it's obvious from the script, but this takes place early the following morning from the previous issue. In the bottom panel they're passing the Russell Hotel again, just opposite Russell Square and a stone's throw from Russell Street tube station.

Page Two
'Feel free to take the first look, Critchley' - again here we have Harker's reluctance to look at dead bodies, something of a disadvantage for a homicide detective.

Page Three
...which of course is why Harker is holding his hand to his own mouth, to stop himself being sick.

Page Eight
And here we discover the copy of The Book of Solomon, stolen from the bookseller after his murder and planted there by... well, I won't spoil it.

Not much this time I know, since it's mostly resolution of the plot, so I'll keep going on issue six in the next post...


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