Gravestown and novel update

Thursday at 21.10.10

Vince and I had the plotting session for issue one of Gravestown on Monday afternoon - I'll write a specific post about how we go about this in a day or two, though I thought you'd like to know we're working hard here. I understand Vince is already constructing backgrounds based on his own thumbnails, and we have the photo session on Saturday afternoon for the character work, which is always fun.

I've taken advice from a few people in the publishing industry, and they've told me that self-publishing Harker: The Murder Club (my first Harker novel) through Ariel Press is a really (really) bad idea if I'm hoping to get a publishing deal for the Harker novels through a mainstream book publisher (which of course I am). Unlike the comics world, in book publishing there's a huge prejudice for anything that hints of self-publishing due to piracy and trademark issues, and I've been advised that I could really be shooting myself in the foot if we publish the novel ourselves first. So you may have to wait a little longer, but be of good cheer, at least it's almost done! (oh god!)


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