Issue Five cover preview

Saturday at 23.5.09

Here's a preview of the cover to Harker #5 - click to embiggen!

Issue four is on it's way to the printers as we speak (just got the editorial left to write), and it's a fun one complete with a joke or two, cheering you all up before we plunge down into the climax of the story in issue six. Vince is well on with issue six right now, so we're still bang on the monthly schedule, and nicely settled into it. Now if we can just get back into the Previews catalogue! Hopefully from issue #7, if we get good orders on our first collection.

Oh yes, that's a thing! Not sure I've mentioned this before. After issue six, which will be out on 1st August, we'll be taking a month's 'break', with issue seven out on 1st October. Though for us it won't be a break at all - on 1st September we'll be releasing the first Harker collection, with a whole bunch of lovely extras in it (all of which we'll need to work on during our 'month off' - ah well!).

Book Two, currently untitled, which starts in issue seven from 1st October is the six issue Whitby story I've briefly mentioned before - it's now fully plotted, and Vince and I are eager to get to it. I won't spoil it for you, but expect lots of fog, piers, cliffs, moors, and more than a hint of Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie. Oh, and you'll be finding out a little about Harker that might just surprise you.

Oh! And one other thing we'll be releasing in September during our 'month off' - a Harker novel: The Murder Club. I finished the first draft of it late last year, and have posted a couple of excerpts in the Fans of Harker Facebook page - I'm dashing through the second draft as we speak, so that we can release it at the same time as the collected edition. It'll have some lovely illustrations by Vince in there too - wonder if I've mentioned that to him yet...?

And finally *gasp* - we've had another really good review, this time from John Freeman on his down the tubes website - you'll find the review here.

Right, I've got that editorial to write! Off I go!



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