Issue Two on the way

Friday at 13.3.09

Forget anything I might have said previously! It's not 100% certain yet, but it's looking very likely that we've been able to secure a deal that makes printing and distributing Harker ourselves much easier. I'll confirm it as soon as I know, but it's looking very good that you'll be able to order issues of Harker directly from our Ariel Press website - that's proper comics, not just the downloads I've previously mentioned.

We're also hoping to be in as many comic shops as we can - it's going to mean dealing with the distribution and ordering ourselves (more phone calls for poor Vince!) but it's looking much more viable now.

Keep this blog or the Fans of Harker Facebook site bookmarked, and look out for our relaunched website in the next couple of days, which includes a shop where you can order the comic directly.

I'll also be listing in here any shops where you can buy it, once we've got all that sorted.

So in the meantime, we're still on course for Issue 2 to be available from 1st April - certainly as a download, but also (fingers tightly crossed!) as a comic you can hold in your hands too!

Oh, and we'll be at Bristol Small Press comics convention in May, so you'll be able to buy issues 1 to 3 there too...

We're all excited here! More news as I get it....


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