Harker - Strange Deaths

Monday at 30.11.09

And I've just finished my second novel (fourth novel in total): "Harker - Strange Deaths". Check out the Nanowrimo winners badge, right here - I rock!
I've been asked repeatedly when the first Harker novel 'The Murder Club' will be available from Ariel Press - tomorrow I'm going straight back to work on the second draft, and I'm still very hopeful of having it ready in time for Christmas. I'm also hoping to get a small selection of illustrations from Vince in it too, but we'll see how busy he is with the comic (he's hard at work as we speak on issue #10 so I don't want to interrupt him).
If there are any publishers out there interested in publishing either (or both) of the Harker novels, do get in touch, as we'll only be releasing a limited edition through our own shop.
Oh, and in other news - in a couple of days I'm going to be launching Harker's Twitter account... fun should ensue...



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