Harker 11 cover

Monday at 18.1.10

The slightly late-running Harker 10 (held up due to Christmas) has now gone to print and should be in the shops late next week. You can also download a pdf version (and buy the comic online) as usual at http://www.arielpress.com/store.html

And just in case you thought we ever get any rest here at Harker Towers, here's the cover for issue 11, out next month - click to embiggen! :)

We're also very flattered (and indeed leaping up and down!) to have made Forbidden Planet's Best of the Best 2009 list, which you can see here - thank you!


Congrats on the Forbidden Planet mention! Love the work regardless, but the recognition is appreciated I'm sure ;)

Great news on the FP list, you guys really do deserve it. Hope Thought Bubble went well for you, see you soon.

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