Back from Bristol!

Monday at 24.5.10

My goodness we're exhausted... but we had a wonderful time! On Saturday particularly we had a constant stream of people at our table, resulting in our best single day at a convention ever, and we did pretty well on Sunday too. It was lovely meeting everyone who came to our table, whether old readers or new - I hope you enjoyed what you bought, and if you need more, pop over to our shop at - we'd be very happy to provide you with lots more Harker goodness!

Oh! And since this is very much a 'hello' to new readers who discovered us at Bristol, please feel free to add me in Facebook if you like - you'll find me here: and there's also a Harker Facebook fan page here: - either of those are the quickest way to find out when new issues are published and what news is coming up, but keep an eye in here too for latest news. If this is your first time in here, you'll find annotations to every Harker issue in the column to the left here - but don't read them before you've read the issues - spoilers ahoy!

And for regular readers who weren't at Bristol - issue 12 is out! It'll be showing up in your local comic shop over the next week, or you can buy it directly from us in our shop. Go get it now! Critchley gets stuck in a bog! (Not that kind of bog). (Though that's not a bad idea).

Sadly no Eagle Awards nomination, but I've taken a look at the results of the initial voting today and they're bizarre - I won't single out individual results, just take a look yourself and see how many of these you've actually heard of: Quite the strangest results I've ever seen, and in many cases I suspect this reflects who has the most friends on Facebook and Twitter. Why on earth didn't Paul Grist pick up a nomination for Favourite British Colour Comic for Jack Staff? No mention of Grant Morrison? Various IDW Doctor Who comic strips in multiple categories? Tony Lee in nearly every category? And Space Babe 113? Really?

Oh well! Must have a word with that grumpy oaf DCIHarker and tell him it's about time he tweeted more often, but he's so frequently abusive that it's best not to nag too much...

Next things coming up: "The Woman In Black", our collected edition of issues 7-12 (of which we had advanced copies in Bristol), and then in July, the long-awaited first Harker novel "The Murder Club", which is worth the wait, I promise!

Oh, and one other item of news: we're currently in negotiations with a major publisher (whom you'll have heard of) for Harker - I can't say anything yet as we're in the contractual negotiations stage, but watch this space, I'll let you know more once things are a little firmer...

And why is Vince drawing pictures of Captain Jack Harkness? hmmm, curious...


Not long ago bought volume 2 of Harker (aka The Woman in Black). Have only had a quick look at some of the pages through the book, but the artwork is some of the best I've seen in a comic book/graphic novel. And I love the setting of Whitby.

Will the next set of six issues (forming volume 3) start later this year?

Keep up the good work!

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